Met a guy. He was deployed 8 months later. I waited. He proposed. I said YES! August 24, 2013 :) This is our story <3

Before my jog today, the after picture was even cuter :p

Because all the cool kids post Starbucks selfies :p

Celebrating out one year anniversary at Six Flags! We had so much fun :) We caught the last ride of Superman before they closed! I love you Tay :)

I love my husband :)

We reenlisted for two more years! I love you and I’m so proud of you Taylor

1 year anniversary and reenlistment celebration dinner yesterday :)

I forgot to write yesterday!

2 things I did yesterday

1. Bought a cute dress for Taylor’s reenlistment ceremony :) Pictures to come later
2. Wrote the answer on the board in class

Today is our 1 year anniversary! What What! He’s at work today but he’s coming home for dinner and we’re going out for sushi!

Let’s see. This morning before I left I got a really good good morning from my husband :) I worked a few hours and then rushed home to take Taylor dinner to work. I managed to make it in time before he took off. It makes me a little sad before I leave him when I visit at work. I saw him take off before he left me for 3 weeks and it hurt so much. I guess it’s just getting me ready for him to leave for 8 months in April :( I just need to appreciate the now :)

Photo from yesterday that Taylor took while out golfing with my dad. That’s my dad in the photo:) I couldn’t stop laughing.

Mixed feeling about today. Good and bad. Focusing on the good though :) Husband and I went to hit some golf balls and I got to use my new golf clubs! People told me it would be frustrating, but every time I hit crappy I just felt motivated to hit better next time. In the evening we went for a jog together :) We did the same route I did yesterday but this time I jogged the whole thing, he made me :) I’m really glad I did it. Thinking about it now, the bad doesn’t matter so much. It matters because those are the moments that make our relationship stronger once we move past them, but today, at this moment, it does not matter. The only thing that matters is going to bed happy and cuddling with my Taylor :)