Met a guy. He was deployed 8 months later. I waited. He proposed. I said YES! August 24, 2013 :) This is our story <3

Huey’s name should be shadow. Can’t go anywhere without him. I’m in the bathroom….

- We got wasted and danced all night long
- My first time drinking in downtown San Diego

- Really good Chili cheese omelet
- Heading to the beach for a birthday celebration and the husband is going golfing with his buddies

Do you remember what you did last Wednesday or two weeks ago Sunday? I can’t tell you what I did two days ago without some thought. I would like to know where my time goes and how I choose to spend my days. For the next month (at least) I’m going to challenge myself to write once a day about two things that I have done that day. I’m doing this so I can look back and smile about my memories or maybe decide that I’m not nearly as productive as I wish I was. I challenge you to try this as well! :)

I’m also a married man who cares about his wife and how she feels
My Husband

This is how our pup sleeps :)

A photo from our Washington trip. It’s just Huey and I right now. Taylor is out of town training for 3 weeks. I don’t know what I’d do without Huey.

Crab, muscles, and clams all caught earlier today for dinner tonight. Life is great :) Taylor and I are on vacation in Washington visiting his family. It’s nice being here, relaxing. Mostly we’ve been out on the boat and just enjoying the time with the family. Being here reminds me how lucky I am. If it weren’t for my amazing husband I’m not sure I would have had all of these experiences. Thank you baby, for everything. You make me the happiest girl in the world.

Happy Father’s Day Taylor :) 

He’s gone again for two weeks. It’s only the first day though. I hate thinking about eight months next year. I was upset at myself this morning because I haven’t been doing anything but instigating arguments with him since yesterday. I physically and emotionally distanced myself knowing that I would hate myself for it later. Sure enough, this morning after dropping him off I regretted not sitting closer on the couch, not laughing at his jokes and not reaching for him. I guess I thought that maybe if we weren’t getting along then it would be easier to say goodbye. It wasn’t. Thankfully I have an amazing husband. He came back home with a borrowed car just to comfort me.